Courses for Teens

MTYP’s funky studios at The Forks are the setting for this experience of a lifetime. Acting classes, live theatre, friendships, and a sense of community make this a fabulous opportunity for creative teens. Learn to act for stage and screen, try your hand at improvisational comedy, or audition for a performance company and rehearse a play or musical for the MTYP Mainstage.  Acting courses for teens open confidence in themselves and build lifelong friendships, finding others with the same interests in a healthy and supportive environment.

The ultimate initiation into the world of live theatre! This action-packed course will equip you to tackle challenging roles through acting exercises, vocal training, improvisation, and scenework. An open class at the end of every term will leave you feeling confident and ready to take centre stage!

FALL 10 weeks $270

Saturday 2:15–4:15 pm
Sept. 21 – Nov. 30

WINTER 10 weeks $270

Saturday 2:15–4:15 pm
Jan. 11 – March 21

SPRING 10 weeks $270

Saturday 1:50–3:50 pm
April 18 – June 27

In theatre, most actors are expected to do their own makeup. Would you know what to do?

This hands–on workshop covers the application of basic stage makeup as well as design techniques for aging, trauma, and zombification. Taught by MTYP’s own Theresa Thomson, whose makeup artist credits include the Manitoba Opera and Creative Partner in Post Mortem Productions.

Students who complete the course may keep a basic makeup kit of some of the professional product used in class.

FALL SESSION 10 weeks $350

Wednesday 6–8 pm
Sept. 25 – Dec. 4

Experience the thrill and freedom of creating theatre without a script. Learn how to quickly develop characters and take scenes to their comic potential. This lively and entertaining class is a great way to experience the creative teamwork that makes theatre happen. No experience is necessary: just an active imagination and a sense of adventure.

FALL 22 weeks $445

Monday 7:35–9:35 pm
Sept. 16 – March 16

SPRING 10 weeks $270

Monday 7:35–9:35 pm
April 13 – June 22

Grab your script, get ready to hit your mark, and learn the techniques that television and film actors use to deliver great performances. Work on scenes from from TV and movies, and develop depth, subtlety and power in your acting.

Film projects will be posted on MTYP’s Vimeo account so you can share them with your friends and watch them over and over!

FALL 22 weeks $465

Thursday 7:10–9:10 pm
Sept. 26 – March 19

SPRING 10 weeks $270

Monday 5:30-7:30 pm
April 13 – June 22

If you’ve taken Actor & Camera and you want more, Reel Action is the course for you! Learn the tools of the trade that master film makers use to create cinematic magic. From concept, script, and storyboard, to directing, acting, and editing, you’ll create movies from concept to public screening with other creative teens just like you.

Film projects will be posted on MTYP’s Vimeo account so you can share them with your friends and watch them over and over!

FALL 22 weeks $480

Tuesday 7:30–9:30 pm
Oct. 8 – March 17

Learn the essentials of dance and choreography as you work on production numbers from Broadway’s best musicals! Guaranteed to make a musical-lover out of you, this course is so much fun you won’t want to go home at the end of class.

The Fall Session class will perform in the Musical Theatre Gala Recital on March 12, 13 and 14, 2020 on the MTYP Mainstage.

FALL 22 weeks $495

Monday 8–9:30 pm
Sept. 16 – Gala Recital March 12, 13 & 14

SPRING 10 weeks $285

Saturday 1:10–2:40 pm
April 18 – June 27

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