Jean Blandon in Pirates of Penzance


Jean Blandon is in Grade 12 at Elmwood High School, and he has just entered his fourth year as a student at MTYP. Jean is a member of MTYP theatre school’s Musical Theatre Company, Summer Studios, After School Leadership, and has also taken a Makeup Class. He is currently a teaching assistant at Lord Selkirk School teaching drama to young students interested in theatre.

How did you hear about MTYP? What brought you here?

The first time I actually set foot into MTYP was in grade 6, when I graduated from a program and the ceremony was held there. I remember being backstage and  seeing all the cool colours and thinking that this was one of the coolest places that I’d ever been. Funny enough, years later one of my close friends Hillery Pham recommended the ASL (After School Leaders) program to me in Grade 9, and all she had to say were such positive things about it. I was so hesitant to join at first because I had no clue what theatre was and I get really shy when it comes to new things but I took a chance and decided to join the class and my MTYP journey began.

What has been your favourite experience at MTYP? Or favourite class?

I have multiple favourite experiences at MTYP and that’s because as cheesy as it sounds I feel like every time the show has been blocked, choreographed, and rehearsed and you step on stage to show an audience its one of the best feelings in the world. It’s just so magical, exciting, and so rewarding to finally get to share a story you’ve worked hard on with an audience and it never gets old.

How has being at MTYP changed you? What have you learned or how are you different because of coming here?

MTYP has truly changed me for the better, and I am so grateful for absolutely everything/everyone there. Not only has MTYP taught me how to become a better performer, but I’ve also taken theatre lessons and brought it outside of the theatre world. MTYP has taught me how to be a hard working person and to always put my 110% into everything that I do. But as well MTYP has taught me how to be patient and how to be a caring person with everyone I meet. But my favourite thing that I’ve learned at MTYP is to be proud no matter where you come from or who you are. Everyone is perfect just the way they are. Also, I’ve learned to not be afraid to express what I  love and am passionate about in the world. I have a voice and it should be heard.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

In the future I plan to continue being creative in whatever form that may be whether it be on or offstage. MTYP has helped me in many ways to reach my goal. They’ve provided me with so much knowledge and advice on how I can grow as a performer, and have given me many opportunities to go out and actually experience what the real world of theatre and film will be. Without MTYP I would not be where I am right now, and I can not express how grateful I am for everyone in that building who has not given up on me and has continued to believe in me throughout the years.