Who was Peter Pan before Neverland? Find out this March 6th and 7th, as MTYP Theatre School’s Young Company presents Rick Elice’s Peter and the Starcatcher. Fly away on a fantastical journey full of bloodthirsty pirates, dreamy mermaids, and a thirteen-year-old girl who just might save the world.

The Young Company’s production features 14 talented teen actors and three live musicians. Playing the role of Boy, who transforms into Peter Pan, is Maggie Koreen (shown left). The high school student says the play is a must-see. “It answers some really important questions about who Peter Pan was. Such as why Peter hates grown ups so much, or why Mrs. Darling is such an advocate when it comes to using your imagination compared to her husband. Or why Peter Pan can fly, or how Tinker Bell came to be.”

When the show opened on Broadway, The New York Times critic Ben Brantley wrote, “With grown-up theatrical savvy and a child’s wonder at what it can achieve, Peter and the Starcatcher floats right through the ceiling of the physical limits imposed by a three-dimensional stage. While there’s not a body harness in sight, like those used to hoist the title characters of Mary Poppins and Spider-Man, this show never stops flying.” MTYP Young Company’s production also celebrates the joys of using an energetic physical style.

Teenage actor Natalie Viebrock (shown right) plays Black Stache, the nastiest of the pirates. “He is the pre-Peter Pan version of Captain Hook,” says Natalie. “Similarly to Captain Hook, he is a bloodthirsty, charming, clever, and all around evil pirate.

“It is a super interesting role to play, as he is the villain of the show,” continues Ms. Viebrock. “It is difficult to see the good in a character as evil as Black Stache. I am really excited to take on that challenge, and hope I’ve pulled it off. Every scene feels like a whole play and a new journey. I also love his tongue-in-cheek humour!”

Ms. Koreen is also enjoying the challenges of playing the younger version of Peter Pan. “He truly means everything he says,” she says. “It is so interesting and fun to watch the growth he goes through. His sense of wonder about the world is admirable. It is such an honour to make so many discoveries about the world through Peter’s eyes.”

Both young actors have nothing but praise for their experience at MTYP. Koreen says, “MTYP has been such a home away from home for me for as long as I can remember. There are so many amazing students and wonderful role models, and I’ve grown so much as an individual thanks to this theatre.”

“In a weird way, what makes MTYP magical is the same thing that makes Neverland magical; you can experience the playfulness of being a kid,” says Ms. Viebrock. “I have grown up going to MTYP and it will forever be that mystical place it was when I was a kid.”


Peter and the Starcatcher plays for two shows only on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7 at 7 pm. Tickets are available by calling 204.942.8898 or at