Doodle POP was the first international show on the MTYP stage in our 2021/22 season. We are thrilled to invite BRUSH Theatre from South Korea back to Winnipeg to delight Manitoban audiences. Sam from BRUSH Theatre chatted with us about their new show, Poli POP, and how they unlocks kids’ creative potential through theatre.

MTYP audiences loved Doodle POP. The show was so imaginative and visually inventive. What can audiences expect from your new show, Poli POP?
Poli POP elevates the creativity and imagination of Doodle POP to new levels. Poli POP follows the overnight adventure of Poli and Pola, a mischievous sibling duo constantly at odds yet inseparable partners in mischief. The narrative unfolds when a mysterious character, Mong (meaning Dream in Korean), a hairy fairy from the nearby forest, appears to these sleep-resistant children, transporting them to its enchanting world. Mong’s realm is a captivating blend of spooky, dangerous, and charming landscapes—mirroring the unpredictable nature of our dreams.

This fantastical world comes to life through imaginative drawings and lively, jaunty live music, promising audiences an even more immersive and visually stunning experience. As Mong guides them through diverse landscapes like a desert, jungle, and outer space, viewers can expect a thrilling journey that stimulates the senses and sparks the imagination.

Your shows celebrate the power of children’s imaginations and encourage creativity. Why is that important to you?
We recognize that imagination is equally important for adults. It’s not just about whimsical fantasies; imagination is a powerful way of seeing and understanding the world. This ability is how children initially discover a world filled with joy and wonder. It allows individuals to approach matters from different perspectives and broaden their understanding of others’ viewpoints. I believe that, with the power of imagination, we can draw out different versions of stories, offering hope and resilience even in the bad situations. Embracing and encouraging creativity is not just for the benefit of our children; it’s a fundamental element in navigating the uncertainties of our world and finding inspiration in every circumstance.

Can you tell us more about the live music and technology and special effects in this show? What are you most excited for audiences to experience?
In Poli POP, our musicians go beyond playing jaunty music; they actively contribute to the immersive experience by creating special sound effects that synchronize with each scene. Meanwhile, our video operator takes on the role of a voice actor, breathing life into Mong, our hairy creature. The integration of live music and voice acting enhances the emotional connection with the audience. Utilizing projection technology, we transport Poli and Pola from their bedroom to a dreamlike world with diverse, captivating scenes. Despite the cutting-edge technology, the landscapes maintain a classic, drawn aesthetic, resembling pages from a cherished drawing book. Please keep a keen eye on Mong, as our illustrator drew each hair, frame by frame, to make it look as furry and cute as possible.

What do you hope that viewers come away with from this overnight adventure?
All of BRUSH’s productions are love stories. While Doodle POP thrives on the whimsical chemistry of doodling, Poli POP delves into young boy Poli’s journey to understand the love of a family. From this overnight adventure, we aspire for viewers to carry away a profoundly heartwarming experience. During my first visit to Winnipeg with Doodle POP, the MTYP team shared a message from an audience member that left a lasting impression on our team. The sentiment expressed was that the show made the world feel smaller. Despite linguistic and cultural differences, we hope Poli POP leaves audiences with a sense of warmth and unity, fostering a lasting appreciation for the power of love and imagination.

Poli POP runs on the MTYP Mainstage from January 26-February 4. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling the Box Office at 204-942-8898.