Young actor reviews Peter Pan

The story of Peter Pan was cohesive, clear, and had a beautiful flow. Onstage, the actors present a strong sense of community and belonging that was expressed excellently in every scene. The relationships between each of the characters were clear and very well developed.

I wasn’t sure that I loved the actors being onstage as the audience entered the theatre. It might have been more powerful to have the characters enter one after another, as the narrator spoke. I love the surprise of meeting each character once the show starts.

There was an AMAZING use of music and live instruments, that were a lovely addition to the show. The production was extremely engaging for the audience, I adored the audience involvement.

The final image of the show was so powerful that I teared up (and I don’t usually get emotional while watching shows). The image of the show was Peter Pan, completely alone and isolated on stage, standing outside of a window gazing in, surrounded by dim lighting. I felt it was a metaphor of life: how everyone sometimes feels like an “outsider”, and everyone is alone at some point in their life. But what was truly powerful, was Peter’s strong stance and physicality that portrayed his strength and perseverance to continue living his life, even if it was sometimes hard or lonely.

The show radiated youth, high energy, and of course, fun! Overall, it is amazing and a powerful show that left me thinking about it the whole drive home!

I highly recommend this show for all youth, as well as for adults who are young at heart!

  • Natalie Stefanson