Frozen River

February 17

Co-written by Michaela Washburn, Joelle Peters and Carrie Costello

An MTYP Production

In nîkwatin sîpiy, Grandmother Moon tells the story of two eleven-year-olds, born under the same blood moon, but in different parts of the world. This new play follows their stories as they meet in a forest, and that of their descendants who meet in the present day in what is known as Manitoba. A broken promise from the past can be righted when there is finally an openness to learn from those who have protected and honoured the waterways for centuries.

“Very timely…it explores ideas of broken promises, reconciliation and connection via a story that spans centuries.” – Winnipeg Free Press

Recommended for ages 7-12
approximate running time: 60 minutes with no intermission

MTYP Frozen River program

Grandmother Moon Julia Davis
Okânawâpacikêw (Wâpam) Keely McPeek
Eilidh Emily Meadows

Co-Written by Michaela Washburn, Joelle Peters, and Carrie Costello
Directed by Katie German
Assistant Director Julie Lumsden
Sets and Props Designer Andrew Moro
Costume Designer Jay Havens
Lighting Designer Dean Cowieson
Composer and Sound Designer MJ Dandeneau
Language Keeper Cameron Robertson
Dialect Coach Rhea Rodych-Rasidescu
Assistant Set Designer Shauna Jones
Assistant Costume Designer Amy McPherson
Stage Manager Margaret Brook and Julia Cirillo

Frozen River was originally directed by Ann Hodges and Tracey Nepinak.


  • Friday, February 17 @ 7 p.m.
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