The first part was just beautiful! The music, the singing! The acting was extraordinary! The roles of the actors were so well chosen! Their voices immersed me in the experience,  in a great way! Also, the set was so playful, it was like it was an actual kids school! The sound effects and all. Especially the costumes (they were so cute!) and the jokes were so funny, it made me laugh out loud! It was also quite funny when Charlie Brown was directing a play, in a play!

I noticed that some of the lines were the exact same as the movie! By the way the lines were just so amazingly chosen. The costumes, voices, actors, and of course the lines, just fit perfectly with the movies! The emotions in this place are always so positive, I feel welcomed at MTYP and a part of the theater every time I come. Such good vibes, it made my day to go here! Not to mention all the nice staff! It feels so magical at MTYP. Such great vibes!

My name is Winona, and I’m the one who wrote this whole review. I am 10 years old and I went to an acting class with Ms. Heather, she was amazing! I enjoyed it so much, to whoever is reading this long  review, have such a beautiful day,/night. One more thing before I forget, I would recommend this theatre to all of my friends, all of my family and even a random stranger! Finally, this is the end of this review, goodbye friends!

Sincerely, your friend Winona! Bye!

Thank you so much for letting me write this review! Linus, Lucy, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Sally, all their characters were all just so outstanding!