If you’ve called MTYP to purchase tickets to a show or enroll your child in a class anytime in the last six years, chances are you’ve spoken to Anika. Anika has contributed to MTYP in many different ways over the years. Not only do they support the School administration needs, but they have also worked in the Box Office, been Front of House Manager on occasion, and supported many of our classes and camps as a teaching assistant. Now, for the first time this summer, they will be contributing to MTYP’s team as a summer camp Instructor.

Anika, now 24, first came to MTYP as a student. They were 12-years-old when they were enrolled in one of our most well-known summer camps: Movie Magic – a course that’s entirely dedicated to the art of film. “I immediately knew this was a place I wanted to keep coming to,” Anika says. “It was a place where I felt like my creativity was really appreciated.”

After doing two summer camps, Anika came back to MTYP as a student in a full-session course. “My story is that I came from a small town, so to find a room full of kids who were my age and also really excited about the arts made me want to be here a lot.” They went on to be a part of MTYP’s Young Company and, when they turned 18, started working in the Box Office – they’ve been a part of the team in one way or another ever since, often with a focus on helping students and families find the right classes and camps, just as they once did themself.

“If a parent is unsure about enrolling, I will often talk about my own experience as a student here. One thing I like to bring up is that this theatre helped me to find my voice and my confidence not only as a theatre artist but as a person in the world. It gave me the skills to work with other people to create something. Confidence, teamwork – it was therapy for me.” They continue, “I get a lot of parents who say my child is really shy and I hope this will help them come out of their shell. I share that the space we create as teachers and TAs is one that is so open where students are absolutely free to be themselves.”

Anika says one of the questions they get asked the most in regards to summer camps is a parent who asks what the ‘right’ camp is for their child. Anika answers, “There is no ‘right’ course for their child. The right option is the thing they’re most excited about. Every single one of our camps lets students discover that they are capable of so much creativity and excitement.”


This year, Anika’s not only selling summer camps, but will also be teaching one  They say they’re most excited about building a show for the final performance that happens on the last day of each camp’s week. It’ll be the first time since the pandemic that the campers get to showcase their hard work to their parents and guardians.

For Anika, who started at MTYP in summer camp and went on to spend six years as a student in our School, summer camps are a perfect introduction to MTYP because “once you get a taste of MTYP you just want to be there all the time.”

Summer camp registration is now open. Did you know financial aid is offered for all of our School classes and summer camps? You can learn more about financial aid here. Register for summer camps here.