Erich Roessler-Yue in The Witches
Erich Roessler-Yue (along with Natalie Stefanson) in The Witches

MTYP student heads to Vancouver

Erich Roessler-Yue is about to make the biggest move of his young life. The seventeen year old theatre school student has been attending MTYP for five years, and this fall, will be moving to Vancouver to study film at Capilano College.

Before he leaves Winnipeg, Erich’s final act was to star as Boy in MTYP’s Summer Studio and Fringe Production of The Witches.

“It’s my first serious role. I’m usually the goofy one,” says the aspiring filmmaker. “Getting to play a serious character has been an interesting challenge. I love that The Witches works for both kids and adults. It respects that the audiences are mostly kids, but still has an emotional seriousness.”

Erich was twelve years old when his father was transferred from Cold Lake, Alberta to Winnipeg. “I’m from a military family,” says Erich, who had limited experience in theatre before arriving at MTYP.

Adam Kirk, MTYP’s Animation and Moviemakers instructor, met Erich and talked to him about MTYP. “My first class was Improvisation,” recalls Erich. “But the very first thing I did was a Warthogs overnight camp. It has never been done again. So my first day at MTYP I slept overnight in Studio 2.”

Erich enjoys acting. “But as soon as I did a film camp, I found I had a real passion for film.”

“I only have one goal for my life, other than to graduate from college,” says the thoughtful teenager. “I want to make entertaining films. They don’t need to be critically acclaimed. I just want people to have a genuinely good time. I like thoughtful films too, but my favourite films are Spy Kids, Shark Boy and Lava Girl. They are really crazy and dumb — just really fun films.”

Erich says leaving MTYP is not going to be easy. “I’ve made so many good friendships here. It’s going to be sad not to have that.

Being teenagers, we have hung out together a lot. There’s something about MTYP that connects everybody. There’s a common interest. When you come here, this place feels like home. You feel welcomed. My favourite time is 24/7 (a 24 hour theatre festival) because I get to sleep here.”

“You’re always supported at MTYP. That’s the best part.”