Sullivan reviews 24/7

24/7, 2020 review by Sullivan

24/7 is a festival where young actors, directors, and writers stay overnight at MTYP and create 7 plays from scratch.

The 24/7 experience is an excellent opportunity for actors, directors, and playwrights to gather, share ideas, and make new friends. The time crunch made all the friendships, old and new, become stronger one hundred-fold. The amount of time we got, I felt, was just like a normal show without all the waiting for the actual show to happen. Some challenges were memorizing my lines on time; getting enough sleep; and getting out of bed.

Personally, the last one is more challenging than the other two combined. Some rewards were making new friendships and strengthening old ones; the joy of performance; sharing new ideas; and watching all the other plays. My previous classes have prepared me for this in a lot of ways; I was used to the rush and bustle of tech week, except this time it was slightly compacted into about forty-five minutes; My previous classes had taught me how to memorize properly and efficiently, and I had learned many tricks and tips for productions of all kinds.

My favourite part of the entire festival was watching, and acting in, the end result with my friends. All in all, this is a wonderful experience and I would fully recommend it to all people. I will be doing this again, and I cannot wait till next 24/7!