Nolan S.
Nolan S.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: One Boy’s Opinion

MTYP loves hearing audience reviews! Especially from the young people our shows are intended for. Last Saturday afternoon Nolan S. joined us at the theatre for Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. Here’s what this young Atlantian thought about the show.

The three characters of the play Jules, Professor Aronnax and Captain Nemo took us on an adventure down in the deep sea on the Nautilus.

I really enjoyed the part when Jules and the Professor first meet the Captain. When they are eating dinner, the way the set was set up made you think you were watching them with a bird’s eye view.

The costumes were really interesting, I liked the way the captains crew all wore masks to resemble equality among them.

The play reminded me of being at an aquarium the background had underwater animals swimming at different times, which really encompassed the idea that you were under water. The usage of props was very well executed, from the images being projected to the puppeteering actors bringing them to life.

The play gave me a mix of emotions as I felt bad for the crew being kept captive underwater, yet they were treated equal.  The idea that they were equal is a wonderful thought, but it doesn’t seem to be true in our current world as we see a lot of inequality.

The moral of the play was about keeping our oceans clean, and I left thinking about what more we can do from recycling and reduce the amount of garbage that is thrown away into the Oceans.  We need to all work together to eliminate garbage island.

I would recommend people of all ages see Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and remember Mobilis in Mobili!

By Nolan S.

If you know a young person from 3-19 who might be interested in reviewing a play at MTYP next year, let us know! We’re looking for young reviewers for our 2019-2020 Season. Email us at [email protected]