Let's Imagine Together!

At MTYP, we believe nurturing your imagination is one of the most valuable experiences you can enjoy in this world. Everyone is born with an innate desire to dream, and when we invite a child to share a story, amazing things happen. Our acting classes inspire each child’s resilience, empathy, and sense of community.

We are excited to welcome you back to our beautiful building on Treaty 1 Territory at the Forks in Winnipeg, for our in-person Spring classes starting April 12th and 17th.

If circumstances change, and we are unable to meet together in person, classes are designed to be continued online so that nobody misses out on the fun.

Safety is always of paramount importance to us, and that will continue to be the case as we face the challenges of COVID-19. Some of the ways we are adjusting so that we can keep the adventure of theatre going during this time include:

  • Offering all of our programs and courses online when need be. 
  • Reducing class limits to 25% occupancy to allow for safe physical distancing.

If classes are scheduled to take place online, the student and parent/guardian are asked to read and respect MTYP’s Online Code of Conduct.

If classes are scheduled to take place in person please read and respect MTYP’s COVID Protocols.

MTYP is offering one-of-a-kind birthday parties to capture the excitement of in-person celebrations, with a virtual twist. 

Our theatre instructor will create a virtual adventure tailored to your child’s interests with activities, games and theatrical fun.

We’d love to celebrate with you!

Email Matt at [email protected] for more information and to book your child’s party today!

Manitoba Theatre for Young People is committed to our goal of access and inclusion for all of our programming.  We are grateful to our community partners whose contributions to MTYP allow us to offer financial assistance to young people age 3-19 for whom the cost of registering for a class may pose a barrier.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance towards the cost of a class, please write to us at [email protected] before you register. Our staff will be pleased to help you locate the Financial Assistance Form and the Registration Form on the MTYP website. We can also email you these documents, and will contact you by phone if you prefer to communicate that way. We are here to help.

Financial Assistance Form

Registration Form

The Financial Assistance Form is a one-page form with additional space to include any thoughts from the student. Once you have completed the Financial Assistance Form and submitted it along with your Registration Form, we will review your application and reply within one week. The amount of assistance offered is based on the information you provide in your application.  Financial Assistance may cover a portion or all of the cost of a class, depending on your circumstances.  

From there, we will assist you with registering your child in the class(es) of their choice.

Contact us today at [email protected] to see how we can support you in providing a young person  with all the benefits our Theatre School classes offer. We’ll gladly respond with a message or a phone call.

After School Leaders presents DIGITAL FILM at MTYP: A FREE digital film making program for all teens at Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

Friday, March 12, 2021 – Friday, June 11, 2021

Mondays, Thursdays, & Fridays, 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

NOTE: This program can be delivered completely online, or in person, or a combination. We will conform to current Manitoba Health Orders to deliver the best possible experience to our students. Students may arrange to experience the whole course online, even if in-person sessions are permitted.

  • Encounter the art of digital filmmaking.
  • Become part of a diverse community of creative teens and mentors.
  • Work online and use Zoom as a film-making tool.
  • Make connections in the local film industry.
  • Learn about work behind-the-scenes.
  • Meet in person for film shoots: OPTIONAL, and only as permitted by Manitoba Health Orders.

A meal and two complimentary bus tickets will be provided to participants every time they attend in-person programs. 


Send a completed registration form to:

Kent Suss

Theatre School Director, Manitoba Theatre for Young People

2 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg R3C 4X1

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 204.954.1706


Sponsored by Healthy Child Manitoba

MTYP’s Young Company presents:

The Laramie Project

A drama by Moises Kaufman and Tectonic Theatre.

Streaming on Showtix4U.com:

Ticket price: FREE

March 26, 9:45 am | For Schools Buy Now     (promo code is required, email [email protected] for more information)

March 26, 7:00 pm | For Public  Buy Now

March 27, 7:00 pm | For Public  Buy Now

Running time: 130 minutes

Donations to cover the cost of presenting this play are welcome. Click here to donate an amount of your choice.

The Laramie Project contains strong language and difficult material about a hate crime. Recommended for ages 14 and up. 

About the play: 

In October 1998, Matthew Shepard, age 21, was brutally beaten and left to die on the plains outside Laramie, Wyoming. Because he was gay. Over the next year, Moisés Kaufman and a team of writers and actors from Tectonic Theatre took six trips to Laramie, where they interviewed citizens of the town – some unconnected with the tragedy, and some intimately involved. Using Moment Work, the company created The Laramie Project, a stunning theatrical examination of the immediate reactions of Matt Shepard’s community to the murder and to the underlying bigotry and hatred that enabled it. The Laramie Project has since been seen by over 30 million people around the world.

About YoCo poetry installation:

As a company we wanted to make sure we kept Matthew present in our thoughts and as a part of our rehearsal for The Laramie Project. We would begin each evening by having one cast member read a poem from this book. The poetry installation included here is a collection of some of our favourites, put together by the company members.

October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard

By Leslea Newman

Performed by MTYP’s Young Company

Watch now on youtube

It is recommended that parents and teachers learn about the play and discuss it with their children or students before seeing it. Learn more about the play here.

Join the Instructors at MTYP Theatre School for online workshops on March 30 and 31, 2021. Let your imagination and creativity shine during spring break!

Various workshops available for ages 5 & up.

Sign up today! Registration closes Monday, March 29th at noon.

Workshops include:

Dinosaur Park | Ages 5 – 6 | $20
Tuesday, March 30 9:30 – 10:30 am
Visit the island of the dinosaurs in your imagination – discover footprints, fossils, and some living specimens!

The Great Ghost Hunt! | Ages 7 – 9  | $20
Tuesday, March 30 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
You’re a ghost-busting hero! Unlock the secret portal and send the earth-intruders back to their shadowy dimension! 

Broadway Bound: Introduction to Musical Theatre | Age 10 – 12 | $25
Tuesday March 30 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Act, dance and sing your way to stardom!

Welcome to the Dungeon | Ages 10 – 12 | $25   SOLD OUT
Tuesday, March 30 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Create a character and go on a Dungeons and Dragons-style adventure with D & D Improv star Toby Hughes.

Pocket Monsters | Ages 5 – 6  | $20
Wednesday, March 31 9:30 – 10:30 am
Create your own personal monster and take it on an adventure!

Time Travellers | Ages 7 – 9
Wednesday, March 31 11:00 am – 12:00 pm  | $20
Tune up your time machine and journey to different eras, solving puzzles and mysteries along the way.

Broadway Bound: Musical Theatre Advanced | Ages 10-12  | $25
Wednesday, March 31 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Act, dance, and sing your way to stardom! 

Welcome to the Dungeon | Ages 10 – 12 | $25
Wednesday, March 31 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Create a character and go on a Dungeons and Dragons-style adventure with D & D Improv star Toby Hughes.

Signing up is easy – REGISTER ONLINE

Course descriptions and registration information coming soon!

If you’re age 9-12 and you’ve registered for a Spring Session Class at Manitoba Theatre for Young People, you are invited to audition for the Extra-Curricular Show: MTYP Theatre School’s first ever real-time online performance. 

This is your chance to try out for a part in our planned performance of the ridiculously silly play Dr. Evil and the Pigeons with Lasers, by Brian D. Taylor, published by Pioneer Drama Service (we will confirm this title once we have cast the show.)

Auditions are Saturday, April 24

Rehearsals are Saturday afternoons from 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Online Performance, June 26, 2021

Students cast in the show will be asked to pay a $100 participation fee. This fee covers staff time, royalties, office and computer expenses, and entitles you to 10 free tickets to watch the performance online.

To book an audition, or if you have any questions, please email our Assistant Theatre School Director, at [email protected].

10-minute Musicals from the Theatre Now Anthology Project

Published by: Music Theatre International

Director: Cheyenne Schroeder

Assistant Director: Erica Hastings

Stage Managers: Eliette Rheault and Emily Henry

About the 3 Plays:


Book and Lyrics by Talaura Harms, Music by Jonathan Bauerfeld

Charlotte is secretly in love with the librarian. She rejects the idea of romance until three of literature’s “greatest” lovers escape from their books to convince her to take a chance on love.


Book and Lyrics by Justin Anthony Long, Music by Ge Enrique, Concept by Jonny Lee

When two local troublemakers steal their moneybag, these three girl scouts prove that even the smallest packages can pack a big punch.


Music by Luke Steinhauer, Book and Lyrics by Jordan Silver

The inhabitants of Ridgington spend every day smiling and nodding, but today is Cleansing Day, when each family has the right to tell each other the truth that’s been pent up all year.

(Parental Guidance suggested. Some mature content.)

Streaming on Showtix4U.com:

Tickets on Sale March 8, 2021 Buy here

Ticket price: FREE

Friday, May 14, 7:00 pm

Saturday, May 15, 7:00 pm

Sunday, May 16, 2:00 pm

Running time: 45 minutes

Donations to cover the cost of presenting this play are welcome. Click here to donate an amount of your choice.

The Theory of Relativity

Book by Brian Hill, with Music and Lyrics by Neil Bartram

Published by Music Theatre International

Director: Ari Weinberg

Assistant Director: Sarah Lamoureux

Stage Managers: Eliette Rheault and Emily Henry

Synopsis: A group of disparate individuals become a community by observing and sharing their hilarious and heartbreaking stories through song.


Streaming on Showtix4U.com:

Tickets on Sale  March 8, 2021 Buy here

Ticket price: FREE

Friday, May 14, 8:00 pm

Saturday, May 15, 8:00 pm

Sunday, May 16, 3:00 pm

Running time: 75 minutes

Donations to cover the cost of presenting this play are welcome. Click here to donate an amount of your choice.

Learning to appreciate and practice the art of theatre brings out the best in young people. Our classes encourage students to discover the power of stories and self-expression, while at the same time developing skills like collaboration and creativity. We have something for students at all experience levels in theatre, film, animation, improv, musical theatre and more!

Whether you’re planning a career in the arts, or just think it sounds fun to learn about theatre with new friends, MTYP wants you to follow your dreams. Let’s imagine together!

For information about how to register, please click here: How to Register.

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