Young actors from Teulon show off what they learned all year
Teulon drama students, with teacher Angela Chalmers


Every Wednesday night, Teulon comes alive with the magic of theatre.

For the past eight years, MTYP has been running drama classes through a satellite program at the Green Acres Art Centre. Lana Knor, Executive Director of the GAAC, believes these classes are great for young people because acting doesn’t just develop imagination and empathy, it helps children create deeper friendships.

“Our first year was a huge success,” she recalls. “There were young men who used to sit by themselves and by the end of the year, they all sat together. We brought these kids together and they made friends. One of our shyest boys is now working in Ottawa. His parents believe that his exposure to theatre brought him out of his shell.”

One of the reasons for the program’s continuing success is its longtime teacher, Angela Chalmers, who has driven the fifty-two minutes there and back weekly, almost since the program’s inception.

“I don’t know if it is because it is a smaller community, but it’s not about building ‘stars’, it’s about creating stories,” says Angela. “Stories that are one part fantasy – taking them off to imaginary lands – and one part realism – using their experiences living in a rural community. We leave everything at the door and PLAY! Everyone is welcome.”

What makes Angela so special? Knor’s son, Kelvyn, says, “She is kind, caring. She just is special and easy to talk to. She is very approachable. Her tone is great. Everyone gets into it, even the jocks. She is able to draw kids in and make them feel welcome and that they are important.”

Last spring’s classes had to shift online mid-March. Knor says the transition was seamless. But she is determined not to give up on the hard won successes of her program and is offering live classes starting October 21. This year, we broke classes up into shorter sessions to make them more affordable for people. Also the commitment is less, in case we get locked down again.” The fall session is now eight weeks long.

To register for the Green Acres Art Centre’s classes, contact [email protected]

Creative Drama for Kindergarten – Grade 6 (8 weeks in Fall)

Join the fun of learning the art of theatre with new friends who love to act, just like you! Build your acting skills through drama games, character exercises, improvisation, and acting out stories.

Acting & Improv for Grades 7-12 (8 weeks in Fall)

Empower your imagination and self-expression through drama games, movement exercises, and character creation. Experience the thrill and total freedom of improv  theatre that’s made up on the spot!

MTYP’s Drama Outreach Program helps take the magic of theatre throughout Manitoba. To create a satellite program in your community, contact [email protected]