Press Quotes

"For my money, the most consistently-entertaining theatre in town."
Joff Schmidt, CBC Radio, 2010

"Winnipeg kids are treated to substantially more international theatre than their parents."
Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press, October 13, 2007

"A New York-calibre production that makes a big splash...."
Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press, January 13, 2005

"I find a lot of what happens at Manitoba Theatre for Young People so utterly compelling that I'm the child that wants to go and see it. "
Robert Enright, CBC Radio, 2004

"I'm quite struck by the range, the degree of sophistication of the performances...and the experimentation."
Terry MacLeod, CBC Radio, 2002

"It's the best of world theatre for children and I think that's what made it so good over the years. It's a remarkable organization, and deserves all the accolades it's been getting."
Robert Enright, CBC Radio, 2002

"The most vital, exciting theatre in town. It's hot and it keeps getting hotter."
Winnipeg Free Press theatre critic Kevin Prokosh quoted in The Toronto Star, 2002

Quotes From The Public

"MTYP has been my cherished school for many years. It is where I learn everything that is truly important to my life. While normal school teaches me to add, subtract, divide and multiply, MTYP has taught me to lead, have fun and love life."
Erik Berg, MTYP Theatre School student

"Someone once said you can tell a culture's values by listening to the stories it tells. The great stories you are telling at MTYP have certainly made their impact felt in our family and we are very grateful you and the theatre are doing this work."
Mark West

"A sincere thank you for the wonderful theatre we saw this year. We were entertained, informed and encouraged to reflect by the high quality of the work."
Jey Thibodeau Silver

"We feel it is important to perform at MTYP because it is a 'real children's theatre'; it exposes children to work from other cultures and languages, and leads to a society that is open-minded and appreciative of different forms of theatre. Having more theatres like MTYP throughout Canada would help build an audience for the future, as well as keep companies like ours positively challenged by that audience."
Pierre LeClerc, DynamO Théâtre, Montréal

"...throughout the development of this project, MTYP was identified as a 'best practice model' of art program delivery. After personally visiting your organization, there is no question that MTYP's excellence as a performing arts organization has contributed to the cultural life of Winnipeg and its children."
Robin Wright, McGill University

"We are fortunate to have such a diverse and dynamic performing arts community in Manitoba, and the Manitoba Theatre for Young People is a major part of that success."
The Honourable Gary Doer, Premier of Manitoba, 2002

Quotes From Schools

"Rock Solid! Students appreciated the artistry and found the content provocative – lots of passionate discussions about revenge vs. mercy. Students were engaged from start to finish."
Windsor School

"Our students were simply riveted to the performance. It was so real, chilling and heartbreaking that some of us had to keep blinking away the tears. What a lesson! I could never make the point of choices without the power of theatre!"
Darwin School

"Special thank-you for accommodating the Special Needs of our students with Autism...They felt comfortable and not frightened or crowded – Thank you!"
Robertson School

"It was very good! The message hit home and the acting was riveting! He was amazing to watch. I'd book again in a heartbeat! I always find MTYP productions to be first class."
Erickson C.I. on Cranked

"Very impressive! The message was presented most effectively. I spent the whole class period right after discussing the message, the acting and the set. The students got a lot out of this performance."
Miami School on Kindness