Teens Ages 13 - 19 

MTYP’s studios at The Forks are the setting for this experience of a lifetime. Acting classes, live theatre, friendships, and much more make this a fabulous opportunity for creative teens.


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13 years & up

In theatre, most actors are expected to do their own makeup. Would you know what to do? 

A great introductory course for those interested in makeup application as makeup artists and as actors working in theatre. This hands-on workshop covers the application basics of straight makeups (a term used for appearing as your own age and identified gender), as well as techniques for aging, basic trauma, zombification and makeup design. Taught by MTYPs own Theresa Thomson, whose makeup artist credits include the Manitoba Opera and Creative Partner in Post Mortem Productions.

Students who complete the course may keep a basic makeup kit of some of the professional

product used in class.



Acting Live! for Teens

13 years & up

The ultimate initiation into the world of live theatre! This action-packed course will equip you to tackle challenging roles through acting exercises, vocal training, improvisation, and scenework. A live performance at the end of every term will leave you feeling confident and ready to take centre stage!

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Acting for the Camera

13 years & up


Have you ever wanted to act in a movie? Grab your script and get ready to hit your marks because here is your chance to give screen acting a try. In this course you will learn the techniques that television and film actors use to deliver great performances. Work on scenes from your favourite movies, and develop depth, subtlety and power in your acting.

Film projects will be posted on MTYPs Vimeo account so you can share them with your friends and watch them over and over!

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NEW!  Reel Action

14 years & up


Be part of a creative team and learn to make your own movies. If you have studied acting for the camera and you want more, Reel Action is the course for you! Learn the tools of the trade that master film makers use to create cinematic magic. From concept, script, and storyboard, to directing, acting, and editing, you will create movies from concept to public screening with other creative teens just like you.

Film projects will be posted on MTYPs Vimeo account so you can share them with your friends and watch them over and over!

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Improv Comedy

13 years & up

Experience the thrill and freedom of creating theatre without a script. Through theatre sports, games, and improvisational techniques, you will learn how to quickly develop characters and take scenes to their comic potential. This lively and entertaining class is a great way to experience the creative teamwork that makes theatre happen. No experience is necessary: just an active imagination and a sense of adventure.

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Musical Theatre for Teens

13 years & up


The curtain rises and the orchestra strikes as we launch into this exciting triple threat challenge of acting, singing and dancing.  You will learn the essentials of dance and choreography as you work on production numbers from Broadways best musicals! Guaranteed to make a musical-lover out of you, this course is so much fun you will not want to go home at the end of class!


The Fall Session class will perform in the Musical Theatre Gala: The Wonky Candy Factory on March 8, 9, and 10, 2018 on the Mainstage.

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Scenes and Monologues: an Intense Workshop for Teens

13 years & up

When it comes to acting with conviction, scenes and monologues are like opposite sides of the same coin. While scenework demands a believable emotional connection between you and your scene partner, in a monologue you must find the emotional truth within yourself. Finding that inner truth at an audition can win you the part. In this workshop you will have a chance to excel at acting with a partner while building a repertoire of effective monologues to use at auditions.

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for Teens age 13-19!

The following courses require prospective students to audition. 

To register and arrange your audition, please call the MTYP Theatre School Administrator at 947-0394 extension 230. Full payment arrangements must be made before an audition can be scheduled.

Audition fee: $30 payable in full at time of booking audition time.

Course fee: payment must be arranged by leaving credit card number, post-dated check for the full value of the course, or completed application for financial assistance. Payment will not be processed until after audition results are released.

Students are advised to indicate a second choice so we can hold a spot for you in that class. If you are not invited into the Company of your choice, your audition fee and course fee go toward your next choice. 

Please note: if you are not invited into the Company of your choice and you decide not to take a course at MTYP this session, your course fee will be refunded but your audition fee is non-refundable.

Please bring a photo, resume, and brief cover letter to your audition.


The commitment level for these courses is high.

Students are expected to miss no more than two prearranged rehearsals or classes all year.


The Young Company

13 years & up


A unique opportunity to build your acting skills in a pre-professional environment, this rehearsal-based learning process demands time, energy and commitment, but promises to give you the time of your life in return. Theatre School Director Kent Suss will direct this years Young Company in a contemporary comedy-drama on the MTYP Mainstage.


Recent productions by the Young Company include Small Actors, Dry Mouth: A Zombie Romance, and The Devil and Anton Chekhov (Royal Manitoba Theatre Centres Master Playwrights Festival). Past Young Company members have gone on to study at Studio 58 and National Theatre School, and have built successful careers on stage and screen. (See past Young Company member Amy Lee in Of Mice and Morrow and Jasp in MTYPs professional season this October!)


Students will be asked to miss up to a week of school during production week.


AUDITION REQUIRED! Please prepare a contemporary or classical monologue for your audition (1-2 minutes) and bring a photo, resume, and brief cover letter to your audition.

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The Musical Theatre Company

13 - 19 years


Last years Musical Theatre Company hit Footloose! blew the minds of hundreds of Winnipeg theatre-goers at four public performances. Dedicated performers are needed to come together and reach for the stars. Join director Cheyenne Schroeder as she returns to the company with a simple mission: to create a professional quality production with an amazing group of passionate teens.


Advanced training in acting, singing, and dancing, combined with an intense rehearsal process and an exciting public performance make this an experience not to be missed.  


AUDITION REQUIRED! Information on page 25. Please be prepared to sing a song a capella at your audition and bring a photo, resume, and brief cover letter to your audition.

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The Summer Studio

13 - 19 years

Members of The Summer Studio will mount a production at MTYP for the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in July 2018.


Past Fringe hits include All I Really Need to Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play (2015), Dystopia! The Hungry Maze Game of Divergent Death (2016), and What We have Learned From Watching You: A Double Bill (2017). Rehearsal and performance are an important facet of this company experience, but participants will also be involved in every aspect of production, from designing and building props and costumes, to budgeting and marketing their play to a potential audience.  Join director Theresa Thomson for this fantastic learning opportunity. A MUST for anyone curious about making a living in the arts!


AUDITION REQUIRED!  Upon registering, you will receive a package to help you prepare for the audition.


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