Relaxed Performances

Relaxed Performance

Relaxed performances or sensory friendly performances are designed to make shows more welcoming to audience members who may experience challenges in a regular theatre setting. This includes people with autism spectrum disorder, learning disorders, sensory concerns, and first-time theatregoers. But of course, all are welcome!

MTYP will be offering four relaxed performances during our upcoming season

Tiny Treasures icon

Tiny Treasures

Sunday, Nov. 17, 4pm

A Year with Frog and Toad icon

A Year with Frog and Toad

Saturday, Dec. 28, 4pm

Spelling 2-5-5 icon

Spelling 2-5-5

Saturday, May 9, 4pm

Relaxed Performance Modifications

  • The performance will have simple modifications to accommodate a variety of audiences.
  • Before the performance starts and throughout, the house lights will be lit at a low level.
  • Sound levels throughout the show will remain consistently soft.
  • There will be a room available to take a break if need be during the show.
  • The Quiet Room will be available. (The Quiet Room is a sound-proof room at the back of the theatre where you can see and hear the show from.)

Social Stories are visual stories that explain what you can expect when you come to the theatre. A Social Story will be available for each Relaxed Performance at least one week before the performance date.

Tiny Treasures Social Story
A Year With Frog and Toad Social Story

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