Relaxed Performances

Relaxed Performance

Relaxed performances or sensory friendly performances are designed to make shows more welcoming to audience members who may experience challenges in a regular theatre setting. This includes people with autism spectrum disorder, learning disorders, sensory concerns, and first-time theatregoers. But of course, all are welcome!

MTYP is looking forward to presenting more relaxed performances during our 2021/22 season.

Relaxed Performance Modifications

  • The performance will have simple modifications to accommodate a variety of audiences.
  • Before the performance starts and throughout, the house lights will be lit at a low level.
  • Sound levels throughout the show will remain consistently soft.
  • There will be a room available to take a break if need be during the show.
  • The Quiet Room will be available. (The Quiet Room is a sound-proof room at the back of the theatre where you can see and hear the show from.)
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