Native Youth Theatre

Native Youth Theatre (NYT) specializes in theatre classes for young people like your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and friends!

Our exciting, supportive and FREE acting courses are geared especially for young Aboriginal actors (ages 9 to 18) and are designed to foster imagination, creativity, self-esteem and self-confidence.

In all of our 20 week programs students will learn new skills, and take positive risks, all through exploring the exciting world of theatre!


Stay tuned for further information on upcoming courses.


Here are examples of classes we've offered in the past:


Act it Out!
Create other versions of yourself through improvisation using only your mind and body.  Exceed your own imagination while learning tricks of breathing, movement, and spontaneity.  Basic actor’s body and breath will be introduced to you in this class. Designed for youth between the ages of 9- 11.


Inside Out!
Grow your own characters through games of drama and improvisation. A typical class will include physical and vocal warm-ups, creative movement, and improvisational acting.  Explore your individuality and enjoy working with a team as you act out your own stories with people who love to act as much as you! Designed for youth between the ages of 12- 14. 


Movement through the Mask!
Make your own masks and move through the world more creatively and fluidly by learning new techniques of movement that focus on breathing and poise. Learn to transform your own identity in both the eyes of others and yourself as you engage in improvisational exercises and mask work.  Designed for youth between the ages of 14-16.


Stories from Here!
A Hip-Hop Theatre class where you’ll create theatrical story lines through rap and storytelling.  Learn how to throw down rhymes and work them into a theatrical storyline. This class is designed for youth between the ages of 14-18 as real issues and mature content will be discussed. 


An exciting new class designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of musical theatre performance. Students will explore vocal skills, musical theory, and movement, while preparing a final performance to share with their friends and family! 


Film Stars!
This class is for students who feel comfortable as actors and want to experience the high level of collaboration filmmaking requires. After learning the basics students will work together in groups to write, plan, shoot, participate as actors and edit short films with the support of experienced instructors. This class is designed for youth between the ages of 13-17.


Aboriginal Company!
Our most audacious class spans a 20 week period during which students will breathe life into a script which will be performed on stage at the end of term. So grand will be this scheme that it will take the combined might of the Junior and Aboriginal Companies to get things under control. This course is therefore designed for those aged 10-18 and is by audition only.  Please call to arrange your audition time.


For more information about NYT, please call us at (204) 947-0394 or email

Turtle Island Arts School - In session with Director Ian Ross

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Ian Ross

A note from the Director:

"Theatre has made my life better in every way.  I have learned empathy, how not to judge people, how to love better and feel better about myself.  It is one of my goals in life to share these teachings with young people.  Being young today is particularly difficult, and I know that theatre can enrich the lives of youth as they grow in this journey of life.  My staff and I will bring all of our skills and experience to helping young people learn and develop through the theatre and film classes we offer."


Ian Ross

NYT Director



NYT on stage