Onsite Health Protocols


We will do everything we can to keep you safe from exposure to COVID-19 while at MTYP. The following protocols will be in place during on-site programming in 2021-2022.

If a Provincial health order allows us to relax these protocols, we will make adjustments to our program based on the following criteria:

  1. Compliance with the letter and intent of Provincial health orders.
  2. Assessment of the benefits of making changes for each class.

If health orders require us to cease offering in-person classes, we will move our programs online with no interruption to programming. Refunds for courses will not be given after the third class, even if a class moves online.

  • For your safety, the MTYP building will be open to students, with limited access for parents, and closed to the general public.
  • We have implemented policies on mask use and safe physical distancing for shared spaces and studios.
  • We will ask all staff and visitors to bring a protective mask to wear while at MTYP. In case you forget your mask or require a fresh one, free disposable masks will be available at MTYP.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed throughout our building.
  • We will sanitize frequently-touched surfaces in our studios and shared spaces between classes.
  • We have staggered class times to minimize contact between groups.
  • We have reduced class sizes.
  • We have eliminated programming in our smallest studio.
  • We have installed physical distancing markers in the lobby.

During the evening and weekend hours that Theatre School classes are in session, protective masks are required in all shared spaces and studios at MTYP. (If your child is unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, please discuss with us. Exceptions will be communicated to the Course Instructor.)

In order to reduce contact between class groups, we recommend that you arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your class, and leave within 5 minutes of the end. Early arrivals to class may wait in a designated area of the lobby.

By showing up for class you agree that you have completed a self-screening test as recommended by the Province of Manitoba and do not require additional screening and/or self-isolation (quarantine) or self-monitoring of symptoms.

When you arrive, we will greet you at the door with a few health-screening questions and sign you in.

You will be encouraged to sanitize your hands upon entry.

We request that Parents, Guardians, or Caregivers of students age 6 and up avoid entering the building if possible. Children age 5 and under may bring one adult:

  • DramaVentures students have one adult with them in class.
  • One adult accompanying a Creative Drama student age 4 or 5 may wait in the lobby if necessary.

Theatre School staff will direct you to a marked waiting area in the lobby, where you’ll stand on a spot that matches the colour of your studio. You’ll keep your boots and coat with you, as well as any other belongings you bring (which may include a clean extra mask, a bag to store soiled masks, and a pair of indoor shoes once you start wearing your winter boots). Your teacher will greet you in the lobby and lead you to your class.

Please bring your belongings and wear your boots and coat right into the classroom with you. There will be no coat racks or boot racks in the lobby.

In your studio, you’ll find a place to put your wet boots and a designated personal area where you can leave your coat and other belongings, and change into your indoor shoes.

Activities in class will be structured to allow for safe physical distancing of 2 metres between people. Please maintain 2 metres safe physical distance between yourself and others at all times, including during class breaks, trips to the restroom, when waiting in the lobby or when exiting the building.

Please leave your mask on throughout your visit to MTYP.

Mask-wearing may be difficult for some children. We ask you to keep trying.

At the end of class, you’ll get into your coat and boots and head for the lobby with your instructor.

Parents of students age 6 and older, please be ready to greet your child in MTYP’s front courtyard at the end of class so that you do not have to enter the building.

Parents of students age 5 and under: while we encourage you to spend class time elsewhere, we can accommodate a small number of parents (one per child) waiting in the lobby, provided that protective masks are worn and safe physical distance from others is maintained.

Students in classes held in Richardson Hall exit through the green studio doors direct

As long as singing in public is not allowed by Provincial health order, Musical Theatre courses will have occasional online classes to allow for singing and music training. This may be up to 6 classes out of the 22 weeks in the course.

Online classes will use the video conferencing tool Zoom, which is free for you to use. You’ll need an internet connection and a device with a camera such as a computer, phone, or tablet. A computer is best, to allow you to access all the features and to step away from the screen for movement and dance activities. We’ll send you an invitation by email when it’s time to plan our first online class.

We are planning a return to our annual tradition of presenting a Musical Theatre Gala in March 2022, featuring every Fall Session musical theatre class. If we are not allowed to bring in an audience for this event, we will move the performance online.

Students age 5 and under who need to use the restroom will be accompanied by a member of the MTYP staff.

Students age 6 and over may go to the restroom with a buddy.

Signs will be posted at the restrooms stating that no more than 3 people should be in the restroom at a time.

There is an accessible and gender-neutral single-user washroom available on the second floor down the hall from the elevators past the drink machine.

To reduce surfaces that are frequently touched, water fountains will be disconnected during class sessions. Water bottles may be filled at sinks in the restrooms or in the lobby.


Thank you for doing your part in keeping everyone safe and reducing exposure to COVID-19 at MTYP. Please contact [email protected] with questions or comments about this policy.

These protocols may be updated as conditions change. Registered students and their families will be notified directly should this occur.

Updated July 20, 2021

Online Code of Conduct

Please review the following agreement before participating in classes delivered online at Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

Theatre School students may be asked to participate online in the following circumstances:

  1. Special singing classes as part of a Musical Theatre Course during the COVID-19 pandemic. Up to six classes out of a 22-week session or three classes out of a 10-week session can be expected to take place online.
  2. Any class, if pandemic conditions or other emergencies make meeting in person at MTYP unadvisable.

As the parent, guardian, or caregiver of a child registered for a course at MTYP, you and your child agree to the following:

  • My child/youth has permission to participate in classes delivered online, facilitated by Manitoba Theatre for Young People (MTYP).
  • I give permission for MTYP staff to send me emails containing class materials, information, and invitations to meetings on a video conferencing service (Zoom). Invitations will be sent to the adult listed on the student’s account and to additional email addresses of teens age 13 and up who have made this request. To make changes to your contact information, please contact us.
  • I will not hold MTYP or its staff or instructors responsible for the inappropriate conduct of other students as they connect and communicate online.
  • My child’s first name and last initial will be used to identify them in the online classroom (e.g. Omar S.).
  • I will not share the online Zoom class link with anyone who is not registered for the course.
  • I will not record the online class (no photo, video, or audio recordings of any kind).
  • I understand that the instructor of film classes at MTYP may record part or all of a class on Zoom for the purposes of creating and sharing a class video project.
  • I understand there may be instances when the student and instructor are one-on-one in the online classroom, or when students are in an online break-out room to work in small groups without instructor supervision for a short period of time.
  • I have read and understand the section titled “Additional Online Program Information” (see below).
  • I will bring any concerns to the attention of Kent Suss, Theatre School Director, by emailing [email protected] or calling (204) 954-1706.
  • Students will remember that in their online conduct, they are ambassadors of MTYP.
  • Students will use online communication in an appropriate, kind, and legal manner in all communications with other students and instructors in the course, even if those communications are not directly part of the course.
  • Students will conduct themselves as they would in an MTYP class: they agree to respect others, the instructors, and themselves; they will listen to and follow instructions; they will refrain from bullying, harassment, or disrespectful speech and behavior; and they will have fun!

Manitoba Theatre for Young People will be using Zoom as our online platform for classes. For the best possible online experience, we ask that:

  • If you have never used Zoom, please download and test it on your device several days prior to the online class. If you encounter problems or have questions, please contact Kent Suss, Theatre School Director, at [email protected] or (204) 954-1706.
  • If possible, use a computer or laptop for the Zoom class. This makes it easier to see all participants in the class.
  • Prepare a space to participate in class that allows for lots of room to move around freely, with minimal distractions.
  • • Students should arrive in the Zoom waiting room approximately 5 minutes before class begins.
  • As this is an interactive drama class, your child, the other students, and the instructor will gain the most value out of the experience if your child’s camera and microphone are on (unless otherwise requested by the instructor).
  • If other household members are present in the space where the student is participating in class, please refrain from distracting the student, the instructor, or other students.
  • We encourage parents of young children age 6 and under to supervise and support their child during online classes.

Updated July 23, 2021