Onsite Health Protocols for Summer Camps 2022


We will do everything we can to keep you safe from exposure to COVID-19 while at MTYP. The following outlines the protocols in place during on-site programming in 2021-2022 (as of July 4, 2022).

  • Our staff, instructors, TAs and volunteers working onsite at our facility, and/or any other venue we may designate as an MTYP workplace, are all fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • For your safety, the MTYP building is only open to students, with access for parents limited to check-ins and pick-ups in the lobby. We remain closed to the general public at this time (until the fall). The front doors will be locked during the days, with the exception of Fridays, when families and friends are welcome into the building to attend the performance.
  • Students of MTYP’s Theatre School are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated, but proof of vaccination will no longer be required of students as outlined by the Province.
  • As of the start of our 2022 Summer Camps, students, staff and visitors are welcomed and supported in their choice to wear a protective mask while at MTYP.
    • In case you forget your mask or require a fresh one, free disposable masks are available at MTYP.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed throughout our building.
  • Frequently-touched surfaces in our studios and shared spaces are sanitized between classes.

Changes to the above may occur, should Provincial Health Orders governing MTYP’s areas of activities.  MTYP retains the right to impose requirements, policies, or practices that may be in excess of the minimum requirements stated by the Provincial Health Orders should our internal assessment warrant.

Should Provincial Health Orders be announced that require us to cease offering in-person classes, programs will shift to online offerings.

Please note that refunds are not available after a camp has started.

In order to reduce contact between class groups, we recommend that you arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your class, and leave within 5 minutes of the end. Early arrivals to class may wait in a designated area of the lobby.

You will be encouraged to sanitize your hands upon entry.

If you have symptoms of cold, flu, or COVID-19, please stay home you are symptom-free for 24 hours

Theatre School staff will direct you to a marked waiting area in the lobby, where you’ll stand on a spot that matches the colour of your studio. You’ll keep your boots and coat with you, as well as any other belongings you bring (which may include a clean extra mask, a bag to store soiled masks, and a pair of indoor shoes once you start wearing your winter boots). Your teacher will greet you in the lobby and lead you to your class.

Please bring your belongings and wear your boots and coat right into the classroom with you. There will be no coat racks or boot racks in the lobby.

In your studio, you’ll find a place to put your wet boots and a designated personal area where you can leave your coat and other belongings, and change into your indoor shoes.

Activities in class will be structured to allow for safe physical distancing of 2 metres between people. Please maintain 2 metres safe physical distance between yourself and others at all times, including during class breaks, trips to the restroom, when waiting in the lobby or when exiting the building.

At the end of class, you’ll get into your coat and boots and head for the lobby with your instructor.

Parents of students age 6 and older, please be ready to greet your child in MTYP’s front courtyard at the end of class so that you do not have to enter the building.

Parents of students age 5 and under: while we encourage you to spend class time elsewhere, we can accommodate a small number of parents (one per child) waiting in the lobby, provided that protective masks are worn and safe physical distance from others is maintained.

Students in classes held in Richardson Hall exit through the green studio doors direct

Students age 5 and under who need to use the restroom will be accompanied by a member of the MTYP staff.

Students age 6 and over may go to the restroom with a buddy.

Signs will be posted at the restrooms stating that no more than 3 people should be in the restroom at a time.

There is an accessible and gender-neutral single-user washroom available on the second floor down the hall from the elevators past the drink machine.

MTYP has replaced its water fountains with water bottle filling stations. Student’s bottles can be re-filled at any time during the day during Summer Camps.


Thank you for doing your part in keeping everyone safe and reducing exposure to COVID-19 at MTYP. Please contact [email protected] with questions or comments about this policy.

These protocols may be updated as conditions change. Registered students and their families will be notified directly should this occur.

Updated May 10, 2022