Grades 5-12

February 13-25 • 10am & 1pm

A Creation by DynamO Théâtre (Montreal, Quebec)
Based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
Ideator and Director Jackie Gosselin

Dramaturg Kim Selody

Translation  Maurice Roy

Connections: tragedy, fate, passion
Spectacles en français le 19 et 20 février

What if Romeo & Juliet… delves into the Shakespearean world and revisits the classic tale of the great pain brought on by the hate between two families. In DynamO’s version, this timeless masterpiece is reinterpreted through acrobatic movement.

“a visually and symbolically rich adaptation” – Le Devoir

Recommended for grades 5 to 12
approximate running time: 60 minutes with no intermission


Set and Costume Designer Pierre-Étienne Locas
Lighting Designer Martin Sirois
Composer and Soundscape Designer Pierre Guy Blanchard
Assistant Director Audrey Blouin

Fight Designer Jean-François Gagnon
Acrobatic Movement Designer Hugues Sarra-Bournet
Make-up Designer Suzanne Trépanier
Voice Coach Marie-Lise Hétu

Creative Team Rosalie Dell’Aniello, Marie Fannie Guay, Marc-André Poliquin, Dominic St-Laurent, Catherine St-Martin
Illustration Sébastien Thibault
Shakespeare’s voice Lucien Bergeron
Stage Manager Marie-Chantal Bonin


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  • Feb 13, 2019 Wed. 10am
  • Feb 13, 2019 Wed. 1pm
  • Feb 15, 2019 Fri. 10am
  • Feb 19, 2019 Tue. 10am*
  • Feb 19, 2019 Tue. 1pm*
  • Feb 20, 2019 Wed. 10am*
  • Feb 20, 2019 Wed. 1pm*
  • Feb 21, 2019 Thurs. 10am
  • Feb 21, 2019 Thurs. 1pm
  • Feb 25, 2019 Mon. 10am
  • Feb 25, 2019 Mon. 1pm

*French language performance

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