2019-2020 Season

MTYP’s 2019/20 season includes the return of MTYP’s audience favourite A Year with Frog and Toad, two companies from Australia, a story of a young carer, a televised spelling bee, a look at the longterm effect of residential schools and a robot who is new in town and shakes things up.

“Humanity is often defined by its accomplishments,” says MTYP Artistic Director, Pablo Felices-Luna. “However, the way in which we apply our own abilities to making a more just and joyful world is more important than any awards or feats. Ability is at the core of this season: from the innocent belief that “I can fly” in Peter Pan to the strength of a young carer in Tiny Treasures, from the resilience of residential school survivors in The Mush Hole to Jake’s unique (and secret) power in Spelling 2-5-5, MTYP’s 2019-2020 season will explore and celebrate abilities of all types. We can build a better world, and we will.”

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BAD HATS THEATRE’s (Toronto, Ontario)


On the Mainstage OCT. 16–24  Grades K to 6
Connections: Classical literature, Imagination, Growing up

Pirates. Lost Boys. A ticking crocodile. And a child who never wants to grow up. With live folk and jazz music, this three-time Dora Mavor Moore award winning adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s classic tale, reimagines Peter Pan for the 21st century.

“That’s the joy of this production: it draws you into the light.” – TORONTO STAR

Named One of the Hottest tickets in Canada BY THE GLOBE AND MAIL

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An MTYP Production and Tour
On the Mainstage NOV. 7–15
 • Touring MB NOV. 18 – DEC. 20  Grades 7 to 12
Connections: Young caregivers, Family relationships, Illness

Thirteen year old James is caring for his unwell mother while helping to raise his younger sister. When a school trip comes up, James has to choose between caring for his family or what it would be like to care for himself for a change.

Tiny Treasures is the result of consultation and creative workshops with young carers in the UK and their experiences through a partnership between Inspired Youth Project and Theatre Hullabaloo.

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An MTYP Production
On the Mainstage Dec. 5-20 • Grades K to 6
Connections: Friendship, Children’s books, Changing of the seasons

Waking from hibernation, Frog and Toad plant gardens, swim, rake leaves, go sledding and learn life lessons throughout the year. Part vaudeville and part make believe, A Year with Frog and Toad follows two best friends whose friendship endures throughout the seasons.

“It’s really virtually impossible not to fall in love with.” – CBC


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A LAST GREAT HUNT Production (Perth, Australia)
On the Mainstage JAN. 28-30
 • Grades 4 to 12
Connections: Loss, Love, Adventure

Bernie is a boisterous puppy waiting to be chosen from the animal shelter. Mabel is a lonely widow, trying to fill the hole in her heart. The day they find each other is the beginning of Bernie’s next adventure.

“…sits perfectly in the timeless tradition of storytelling for children, and the child in all of us. – THE WEST AUSTRALIAN

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Created and Produced by Santee Smith • Co-presented with Kaha:wi Dance Theatre (Toronto, ON)
On the Mainstage FEB. 19–28
 • Grades 8 to 12
Connections: Reconciliation, Resilience, Trauma

Created by award-winning dance artist Santee Smith, The Mush Hole is a powerful and timely performance that uses song, dance and theatre to explore the lives and spirits of children who were forced to attend Ontario’s Mohawk Institute residential school.

“…offers a way to open dialogue and to heal, through acknowledgement and honouring the spirit of Survivors and families that were impacted.” – SANTEE SMITH

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A WINDMILL THEATRE Production (Adelaide, Australia)
On the Mainstage MARCH 20–27 
Preschool to Grade 3
Connections: Change, Acceptance, Friendship

Beep’s crash landing in Mort’s village disrupts both breakfast and the comfortably predictable life the villagers lead. Yet, when the robot Beep’s power source starts to drain, it will be up to Mort and the villagers to help her. Beep tells the story of what happens when someone new comes to town.

“Forget Star Wars’ BB-8 or Pixar’s WALL-E, Beep is the most endearing robot of them all.” – ADELAIDE REVIEW

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Spelling 2-5-5 icon


An MTYP Production and Tour
Touring MB FEB. 10 – APRIL 23 
On the Mainstage APRIL  30 – MAY 8  Grades 1 to 6
Connections: Autism, Sibling relationships, Bullying

Two brothers share a room, a love of comic books and a rather strict routine. Jake is on the autism spectrum; his older brother Simon has to adhere to that routine to help Jake get through the day. When a televised spelling bee contest is announced, Simon sees an opportunity to be the centre of attention for a change.

“A fast-paced, funny, informative play that’s staged with flare and creativity.” – THE COAST


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