11 year old Dakota
11 year old Dakota


This summer, eleven year old Dakota tried out some of MTYP’s online classes, including Musical Theatre and Script to Screen. It was Dakota’s first time taking classes with MTYP. One of his instructors, Cheyenne Schroeder, remarked, “Dakota was an amazing student! He was very clever with story. He always took the location and character he was given and propelled the story forward in a very creative way.” We wanted to find out more about Dakota, so we asked him some questions.


Tell me about yourself. Where do you go to school, how old are you, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I go to Lincoln Middle School, I am 11 years old, turning 12 in two weeks!  I like to sing, sleep, eat, Snapchat, houseparty, overwatch Netflix. 

How did you hear about MTYP’s Theatre School?

I heard about it from my Dad who saw it online.

Describe your experiences doing an online course? Were there any challenges that you weren’t expecting?

It was quite easy, not going to lie. It was fun and I expected it to be like that, a Zoom meeting.  I found it easy to act and sing with people even though we were not in the same room.

Did you have fun at camp? Would you recommend it to your friends?

Yes, it was very fun times. I liked all of the camps I went to. I would recommend it to my friends. I hope to attend MTYP classes in person some day soon.

What does MTYP do well and what could we do better?

The teachers were kind and patient, that was really good. I thought it was good. Keep it that way.

How has your time at MTYP changed you?

It has made me like singing and performing more.

Are you planning to take any more classes at MTYP?

Yes, I would like to come back every year!