The House at Pooh Corner — One girl’s opinion


I had a great time at The House at Pooh Corner. It was amazing and also heartwarming.

My favourite character in the play was Winnie the Pooh. I liked his “hums” and he was very funny. Winnie the Pooh likes to burst out in song as he plays, just like I do – dittley dum, dittley dum, dittley dittley dum! I also liked the way some kids from the audience got to be in the show, because it made all of us in the audience feel like we were Christopher Robin and we were playing with Winnie and his friends in the Forest. Winnie looked and sounded just the way I imagined from his books.

It was really cool that the audience was invited right into the set – it was like being inside the magical wonderland of the Hundred Acre Forest. The falling leaves and snow made it even more magical. The play was happening all around us as the actors and stuffies moved around the set.

My favourite scene in the play was when Piglet, Winnie and their friends worked together to find a new home for Owl after his blew down. But when Winnie the Pooh and Piglet made Owl’s new house, Owl made a mistake on the name of his house- “Wolery” instead of “Owlery”, even though he is very smart.

The play made me feel happy and sad. I felt happy because I laughed and hummed and enjoyed being at the play. But I also felt sad at the end when Christopher Robin hugged Winnie the Pooh because I knew that he had to leave Winnie behind to grow up and go to school. It is sort of how I feel about having less play time at school every year because we are so busy learning!

I hope that you go to see The House at Pooh Corner too and that you enjoy it as much as I did. I loved it! — Lily H.