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Winnipeg, Manitoba; March 20, 2018

On World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People, MTYP Artistic Director Pablo Felices-Luna unveiled Manitoba Theatre for Young People’s 2018/19 season. The seven new MTYP productions include the return of MTYP’s signature plays Comet in Moominland and The House at Pooh Corner, the world premiere of a locally created play about three female heroes, the MTYP debut of two UK’s companies, a story of teen anxiety, a happier ending for Romeo and Juliet and an unforgettable plunge to the bottom of the sea.

“Coming and going is closely tied to my experience as someone who immigrated to Canada and who has moved across provinces more than once,” says Pablo Felices-Luna. “Everyone experiences departures and returns in their lives and we see that in the shows we have lined up for next season: The Polar Bears go on an adventure to reclaim their lost balloon; Jules and Professor Aronnax are whisked away on an underwater voyage in the Nautilus; Christopher Robin returns to the Hundred Acre Wood one more time before leaving the nursery for good… Movement is a natural part of life. Personally, I am delighted that this season also marks the return of our Founding Artistic Director, Leslee Silverman, who will be directing the first show of the season, Comet in Moominland.

Comet in Moominland


October 12 – 28 • Ages 5-8
 • An MTYP Production
Beneath a canopied dome, a miniature universe of mysterious forests, magical caves and sailing seas comes to life. Since 1989, Comet in Moominland has toured to cities throughout North America, both at festivals and major theatres and has become MTYP’s signature production.

“The play’s creators & performers simply trust the intelligence of children and the power of a good story.”— Theatrum



November 2 – 4 • Ages 13+
 • Touring MB: November 8 – December 21/April 3 – May 10

A Green Thumb Theatre Production (Vancouver, B.C.)
in association with MTYP

“Brings the topic of teen anxiety and depression into the open.”—Stage Door
Nina has a great life. She loves her family, she does well in school, and her friends are awesome. But suddenly Nina starts feeling herself slipping into a dark reality she cannot understand, let alone articulate to the people around her. A realistic, honest and bitingly funny look at the ways vulnerable kids can start to find their way out of the dark.

The House at Pooh Corner


November 30 – December 30 • Ages 3-8
 • An MTYP Production
Winnipeg’s most famous bear helps MTYP celebrate the holiday season. Only 176 people at a time will experience the intimate and magical world of Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood. Superb music and puppetry without strings make this holiday treat irresistible!
“A charming, gentle, lovely show, and makes for perfect holiday fare” — CBC Radio

Torn Through Time


January 25 – February 3 • Ages 7-12
 • Touring MB: February 4 – March 22

 • An MTYP Production

Jess is in the middle of a writing assignment on one of her heroes and it’s not going well. Frustrated, she rips the pages out of a library book that include three important, but relatively unknown, Canadian women. This act summons them into the present as their 10 year old selves! Torn Through Time will be created by Carrie Costello, Frances Koncan and Cherissa Richards and directed by Ann Hodges.

What if Romeo & Juliet…


February 15 – 24 • Ages 9+ • 
A Production from DynamO Théâtre (Montréal, QC)

“A visually and symbolically rich adaptation.” — Le Devoir
What If Romeo & Juliet… delves into the Shakespearean world and revisits the strikingly magnificent story of a great pain brought on by the hate between two families. Could there be another ending to this famed story? What if someone decided to lay down one’s weapons?

The Polar Bears Go Up!


March 15 – 24 • Ages 3-8
 • A Unicorn Theatre/Fish and Game Production (UK)

“Stealthily enthralling adventure delivered with charm, wit and a sense of wonder” — The Stage
These two lovable polar bears are intrepid explorers, famous for their wild expeditions. This time they’ll be climbing trees, jumping on clouds and reaching for the stars as they race all the way up to space. Of course, they’ll stop for sandwiches on the way!

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea


April 5 – 14 • Ages 8-13
 • A Kidoons and Wyrd Production (Toronto, ON)

“The special effects are so compelling… you can’t take your eyes off the stage!” — Toronto Star
Join us aboard the Nautilus, for an unforgettable ride to the depths of the sea. Plunge into a multisensory experience with unforgettable characters, eye-popping projections and interactive audience technology. The stage adaptation of the classic Jules Verne Sci-Fi adventure.

Subscriptions for MTYP’s new season are now on sale.

MTYP offers packages for different ages, as well as flexible ones, where you can customize your experience and choose shows over a range of ages. Packages start at the low price of $29. Manitoba Theatre for Young People is one of the only theatres in Canada built specifically for children. The theatre is fully reconfigurable and can be set up in eight distinct ways.

Subscriptions are available by calling 204.942.8898 or go online at Single tickets for MTYP’s 2018.19 season will go on sale on Tuesday, August 14.